fashionable beehive girls, typewriters and collars.

today i got this fantastic illustration print from dom of dom & ink that he did for an article on amelias magazine about the orla kiely presentation at london fashion week A/W 2013.

i was already a huge orla kiely fan, and like probably 9324975 (estimated (random) amount) i fell head over heels for her show. so much to love. two things that particularly drew me beside the fashion was the colour palates she used, and typewriters. oh typewriters. they are things of beauty. also of note: vintage signage, lamps, piles of letters, and teacups. if you’re a fan of collars, floral prints and beehives you’re in for a treat!

dom and ink illustrations orla kiely girls with typewriter

i’m very envious of their beehives, just look at them! i love the colouring on the pink dress, that little bit of texture really makes the illustration pop. that collar is great too and the eye flicks are spot on.

dom and ink illustrations orla kiely girls with typewriter detail

as always, i l do like having a detail shot so you can see up close. hello lovely ladies! i’ve decided to hang these beauties up next to my danny brito print. what do you think?

danny brito beehive girl print

my favourite looks from the collection are these. i’d wear any of them in a heartbeat.

orla kiely clothes
orla kiely clothes

photos from vogue.co.uk

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