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erins’ blog, zero style, has only been a semi recent discovery, but i immediately was suckered in! i’m loving this womans style, and the way that she speaks …or types. she comes across as very real and not the type to bullshit, and i love that in a person.

want to learn more about erin and her style? have a read of her interview.  and remember, if you want, you can check out my past interviews with fashion bloggers.

erin thomas in ouija tshirt, leather jacket and hat
hey erin! could you please give us a little intro to your blog and style?
I started Zero Style fairly recently, I’ve only been around since August 2012. I was casually blogging on Tumblr for years before that, and I amassed a pretty decent following, so I decided to take it to a standalone blog. I blog mostly about my personal style, my favorite new beauty products, and the occasional snarky pop culture rant. Someone once described my style as “goth-boho-hipster” and I mostly agree. Plus size Rick Owens is ultimately what I’m going for!

black dress and white boots / black dress and black boots
do you have a favourite piece of clothing or outfit that you own?
The first concert t-shirt I ever bought, back in 1996. It’s from Beck’s tour with The Roots and Atari Teenage Riot (mega 90s teenager over here). It’s a ringer tee with a great mod graphic of two turntables and a microphone on it. If my house was burning down, that’s the one piece of clothing I’d run in and save.

what or who influences your style?
I get a lot of my influence from my favorite pieces of pop culture. I like to say I’m not into cosplay, but I basically cosplay as Vickie Miner from Reality Bites daily. I am greatly influenced by my favorite designers, but there is only so far that influence can take me as a plus size lady. I’m also very influenced by my moods- I tend to color coordinate my look to how I’m feeling.

erin in red dress from simplybe
what would be your dream collaboration?
I would love to create my own shade of nail polish for Floss Gloss! They’re a small, female owned nail polish company out of San Francisco and it is legitimately the best indie nail polish I have ever used. I definitely feel a hundred times cooler when I’m wearing it.

if you have one, who is your all time favourite designer or dream item?
My all time favorite designer is Marc Jacobs. I’m a 90s kid through and through, and I started stealing my stepmom’s Vogues right around the time he released his grunge collection for Perry Ellis, S/S 1993. That collection changed everything, for better or worse. The one item of clothing I have always coveted is Rose McGowan’s barely there mesh dress from the 1998 MTV VMAs. Not to wear… just to display like the work of art it is.

how do you juggle blogging and day to day life?
Yikes, this is definitely one thing I do NOT excel at. I have two very time consuming jobs and I am an insufferable perfectionist, which leads to me not being able to keep a regular blog schedule. I’ve learned not to sweat it too much- I value quality over quantity, and I feel like I can’t deliver the quality of posts my readers deserve if I feel pressured to produce. I just do what I can when I can and hope people stick with me!

erin in cute floral dress, and red leopard print top
do you have any fashion favourite blogs you like to read?
Definitely! I love Nicolette Mason and Gabifresh, who I think are everyone’s favorite plus size bloggers. I’m really inspired by latterStyle, I love her aesthetic and want to wear everything in her closet. Mini Penny is a regular read for me, I love her photos and I really respect her for her honest approach to blogging. Nouveau Cheap and Temptalia are my go-to blogs for all things beauty!

where are your favourite places to shop where you are? what about online?

Well I am terribly biased, but my favorite store around me is the one I work at, Re/Dress! We are the only body positive shop in the area, and we try to make shopping fun for everyone. Other than my store, there are only large corporate chain stores for me to shop at in my city, which means I often run the risk of looking just like my friends. Online, ASOS basically has control of my wallet. I’ve ordered from them three times in a week on several occasions. Great quality, on-trend clothing at affordable prices? Yes please!

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