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Even more …snaphots of Tenby

hand with tattoo against blue wall

Tenby again? Oh yes. We go a couple times a year so it’s only natural I keep having photos to share here. It’s such a photogenic place and even if I went there more often or moved back to Pembrokeshire I don’t think I could ever tire of taking photographs of it.

I have some hopes/plans to travel other places in the UK before the end of the year, so there’ll be more than Tenby here! So far I’ve also been to Saundersfoot, Bath, Newport, Penarth and Barry. I plan to go to Swansea sometime this month, and visiting my dad in London at the end of the month. Some other places I’m thinking of going are: Bristol, Cheltenham, Glousecter, Oxford and a few more. There are (obviously) many other places all over the UK I’d love to explore, but for now, places like this mean I can do them in one day. If and when I have money spare for a night in a hotel/airbnb/whatever then I can obviously travel further afield!

I love, LOVE going to new places, exploring and taking photos along the way. It makes me happy.

Do you have any recommendations for places (ideally in South Wales or South West of England) you think I should explore?

Trailing leaves and no parking sign

colourful walls in tenby

Brownie on floral skirt

Pink daisy-like flowers

Fort(?) in Tenby

Pink house with two windows

Pastel house in Tenby

Orange poppies overlooking the sea

Snapshots from Tenby

Plants overlooking Tenby South Beach

Coral doors in Tenby

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