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how to draw type and influence people* – £12.99

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if you just quickly glanced at the cover of this book, you’d probably think this was a book on type and lettering basics. in fact, if you look a little closer (or, look inside) you’ll see it’s actually an activity book. jam packed at that!

as i mentioned in my post about book covers, type (and lettering) is an important aspect in book covers, but unless you’re interested you might not realise how much of it is in your daily life, from packaging, tv and film graphics, posters and much, much more.

the senses | how to draw type and influence people

how to draw type and influence people

wild west type | how to draw type and influence people

how to draw type and influence people is a book that shows you different lettering forms and how to replicate them, as well as fun activities to help and encourage you to do so. it goes into serif and sans serif, as well as some other typographic terms to help you understand things a little better. different fonts/types are introduced (basics on the history behind them, etc) and then you’re encouraged to make your own, and further in the book, to make your own fonts based on a general scheme (geometric, pictured below).

i like that the book has a very limited colour scheme, which is largely black, and blue. it makes sure your focus is kept on the subject and, as much as the pictures are lovely, they’re not a huge distraction and really a part of the whole ‘activity’ of the book.

the book has a range of different font types from the more traditional to more experimental. it’s nice to see this as you can flick through the book and go for what you like, or what intrigues you, or you can make your way through from front to back.

how to draw type and influence people | wild west apothecary

design your own geometric font

if you’re looking to learn a little more about type and lettering, as well as how and why fonts and letters are created, the emotions, messages and thoughts they evoke, how to draw type and influence people is a fun book that really brings you into the process in a way a ‘traditional’ book wouldn’t. a useful book to have in your collection!

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