don’t just curate, create

this has been something that’s been on my mind lately when it comes to blogging. i know increasingly more people are drawn to blogs because of the photographs and images used, and stay for the words too. as a visual person i more and more find myself becoming uninterested with blogs that only use the images of others, especially ones that don’t have much personality above and beyond that in terms of writing. i can deal with having to see the same shots over and over on various blogs if there is personality, wit and some kind of passion behind the words written.

along those lines, you can still curate and be creative too! for example, this post underhidings or this hat wishlist post by corina. she’s taken items that she’s curated (essentially chosen a few from a larger pool of items) and done something creative with it. the resulting layout is creative, unique and professional. her blog is a great example of original and curated pictorial content.

of course i understand that not everybody feels they are a creator (or wants to be!), that they feel like their camera isn’t good enough or they don’t have the requisite skills of design or photography. if you want to, do you know how you can get better at this yourself? practise! experiment! ask for help. don’t be afraid to fail or of what other people think and just get on and DO IT. if you want to be different, be different and BE YOURSELF.

i feel that a lot of blogs where the images are entirely created or photographed by the person behind it are much more interesting and captivating. knowing that someone has taken time and effort to create something not only for themselves, but for potentially hundreds or thousands of people to see, isn’t that special? you can get to know a persons taste, their style and a sense of who they are from what they create.

sophie of the private life of a girl is another example. she is (to me) unrelentingly ‘herself’ and her images are recognisable as hers. as a result of this her blog very quickly became one of my favourites. but also because she speaks from an honest place. most of her images are her own photographs and when she uses other images (like this or this post) she does so in an interesting way that fits in with her blogs unique style.

if you are a creative person and you show this on your blog, then there is potential to get work from this too. if you want a career in design, illustration, photography.. a blog can be a fantastic stepping point if you put in the work. (and you have to put in the work, nothing worth anything comes easily) if you create you are helping to forge the way instead of stepping in footprints already made. use your talents to further yourself and work towards the career you want.

there’s a whole other side of curation, when it comes to photographic styling ..especially with lifestyle photos and the like. to be honest, i don’t like photos that are overly styled, and don’t get me started on hands reaching into the photo as if it’s some spur of the moment thing when we all know it’s all been carefully planned. on the other hand, i love the creative and styling of gabriel cabrera of the artful desperado. for example, i love the photos for his how to make an energising cold brewed tea post. the shadows really make the images pop!

i just feel like so much of the blogging world these days – especially in the past year or so – feel they need to present this little area (especially in instagram photos it seems) where everything is perfect and beautiful and i find it so unrealistic and not visceral, or genuine and real. i know people don’t share every aspect of their lives on their blogs, but i have heard some crazy stories that just take shallowness and unattainability to whole new levels. lets not go there though. but i digress…

curating has its place though. portfolios (print and online), trimming down your wardrobe and of course galleries and museums. in terms of blogging though and as said above, you can be creative with curation. don’t just curate, create!

ps. i’m absolutely not having a go at anyone here of course, but i would love to see more people be more original, to not be afraid to step out of the box and be fearless!

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