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if there’s two things i love in this world, it’s chocolate and good packaging. doisy & dam know how to do both of these things very well!

you might remember a while back i reviewed some of their chocolate bars – which were great by the way. doisy and dom now have introduced these chocolate ‘snaps’ in two flavours: maple, toasted rice and pink salt (pictured) and coconut and lucuma. i didn’t like the latter in bar form, so didn’t want to try it again. if you like strong coconut and the sweetness of lucuma, it might be just right for you though.

being a fan of dark chocolate, a good crunch and a bit of salt – i knew i’d like these. i found them to be incredibly moreish and easy to eat. good flavour, but not overwhelming. i don’t know if it’s just because of the form these come in (think sharing bags of chocolate) and that the pieces are easy to grab, but i think i ate these quicker than a bar. is there a psychological thing at play here?

all in all, i’d happily recommend these to fellow chocolate lovers, coeliac or not.

doisy & dam snaps doisy & dam snaps info | gluten free reviews


by the way, did you know it’s coeliac awareness week this week? read my post on my coeliac diagnosis if you want to learn a little more, and you can also visit coeliac UK for more information.

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