doisy and dam chocolate | gluten free reviews

doisy and dam chocolate | organic milk chocolate

if you read my post a while ago about my diagnosis and experience of coeliac disease, you might remember that i wanted to feature some gluten-free brands (and ones that aren’t specifically gluten free but have products safe for coeliacs). well, the time has finally come!

to be upfront, these, for the time being, are going to be pretty simple reviews. i would love to perhaps do some recipes or something a bit more involving but for now i kind of just wanted to get started with something i knew i could do. to tie it into the feel of my blog, i do place a slight preference on products with well designed or interesting packaging – but if i’ve heard something is good and just want to try regardless ..obviously that will take precedence!

doisy and dam chocolate | date and himalayan pink salt

doisy and dam chocolate | lovely packaging

what better place to start with than chocolate? especially some with absolutely fantastic packaging. i’ll be looking to feature a mix of foods here to keep it balanced. indulgent treats, general snacks, superfoods, healthy alternatives and anything in-between. hopefully a few coeliac friendly restaurant reviews from time to time too.

doisy and dam are a brand that are focused on good taste, starting with the best ingredients. they include a superfood in each of their bars, and don’t use any more than 8 ingredients. their bars are handmade in the uk and have a high cocoa content to reduce the need for extra sugar and fat.

inside packaging of doisy and dam chocolate bar

back of chocolate bar packaging

i was sent date and himalayan pink salt*, quinoa, smoked tea and vanilla*, coconut & lucuma* and goji and orange* to try out. upon seeing these flavour combinations i knew that i would be liking these. i especially love salted chocolate and also anything with orange flavours.

my curiosity of the quinoa, smoked tea and vanilla was probably the highest, so that’s what i reached out to try first. to my tongue, the smoked tea flavour stood out the most. the quinoa added a bit of texture and the vanilla added some soft warmth to it. the chocolate itself was very light and melted nicely.

next up, i tried the date and himalayan pink salt. to be fair i knew i’d enjoy this one, and i wasn’t wrong! this is also a milk chocolate that is light and creamy tasting. this has more of a taste that is both sophisticated, but also easy for anyone to eat. if you like salted caramel, you’ll like this.

the goji and orange is a 74% dark chocolate. normally i prefer 80%+ with dark chocolates, but when they have added ingredients i think they can benefit from not being so strong as it can overwhelm other flavours. like with most dark chocolate, this has a slightly bitter taste to it, made a little sweeter by the orange and a little chew from the goji. this one is also vegan if you’re that way inclined. if you like fruity dark chocolate this is a surefire go to.

i haven’t tried the coconut and lucuma (as i don’t like coconut) so have given that to my boyfriend for his birthday tomorrow – will update with his mini review ha.

doisy and dam chocolate | gluten free reviews - enjoy!

overall – if you’re looking for some chocolate that has a little health boost, tastes delicious and has fantastic packaging, you can’t go wrong with doisy & dam.

bars provided for the purpose of this review. all opinions and photography as always, my own.

thank you to the brands that help support this blog.
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