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do it for you | positive quotes #3 | new work

another positive quote for fritha’s newsletter!

i always enjoy taking some time to make these, and this one has been no exception. i wanted to make something graphic and cute, without being cutesy. which is totally my style. i just had to go with my favourite colour combination here (pink and blue) too. the stars were a final touch to unify it a bit as well as soften it.

what do you think of the slightly curved text? i’m pretty sure i say this every time, but despite being a huge fan of typography, i still don’t feel too confident making type focused pieces. so, this has been a wonderful exercise for my confidence, as well as racking up a little experience working with type.

i would love to do some book covers in the future, so something like this is good practice and serves as personal motivation too! i’m, uh, doing it for me. ha!

what do you think of this quote? i think it’s important to do things for yourself. simple self care, or something a little more radical. either way, looking after yourself, being a little selfish from time to time, can ultimately help you help others. i mean, you should always try to be kind and look after other people. but you need to look out for yourself too!


looking for a collage for your website, blog, newsletter, publication or something else? or some collage based graphics for blog posts and articles? then i’m your gal. you can get in touch via email to discuss.

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