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DIY – how to make pom poms the easy way!

laura redburn with pink and lilac pom poms in hair, 50's style, vintage hair accessoriesif you’re a regular reader of this blog you may know i’ve been quite taken by wearing pom poms in my hair lately. this tutorial isn’t hair pom pom specific..but ..they look cute, no?

you can make them as big or small as you want, with as many colours as you want, and put them anywhere you want. they would also be good for putting on top of a present (like on my how to make a cute paper bow post) or you could make smaller ones for a necklace. fun for kids and adults too!

fluffy little versatile balls of fun! let’s go!

balls of wool in pink, lilac and grey on a turquoise blanket

all you need is some wool and your hands! oh, and a pair of scissors to cut the wool. simple, huh?

pink wool in shape of heart on green blanket

firstly cut off a small length of wool to tie around after, about 6 inches if you’re making hand size pom poms.

hand with pink wool wrapped around

then start wrapping it around your four fingers. try not to do it too tight or it’ll be hard to get off after. ideally you need to wrap it at least 60 times, but do more if you want it fuller. that might sound like a lot but it really takes no time at all.

pink wool tied in bow shape

take the length you cut off earlier and slide it in the middle between your fingers. if you can’t get it through, just loosen the wool from your fingers a bit by gently moving it up your hand. you just need to wrap it round once in the middle and tie a knot. then you can slide it fully off your fingers, turn it round and tie a knot on the other side too. you can repeat again if you want to be extra secure.

wool with scissors pom pom tutorial how to

slide your scissors carefully in the loops either side of where you tied the knot in the middle. it will naturally curve round a little, so don’t worry. then chop bit by bit until you get to the top. repeat on the other side. then…

ta-da! you’re done! so quick and fun. do you have any creative uses for pom poms?

pink, lillac and grey pom poms, pink things for girls, present wrapping

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