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diy – how to make a cute paper bow

cute pink bow on floral fabric

for national stationery week, i have been doing paper/stationery related posts. here’s todays contribution, a quick and easy cute paper bow tutorial. takes only a few minutes and could be used for many things such as on presents, hair accessories (use felt or stiffened fabric) or you could make a huge one and put it on your wall. those are just a few ideas though. let your imagination go wild!

as always with my tutorial posts, there’s a free wallpaper too. who doesn’t love free things? but read first, won’t you? it’s super quick, promise!

tools to make a paper bow, uhu glue stick, scissors, pencil, paper on floral background

you will need:
» any piece of paper, card, or stiffened fabric
» scissors or craft knife to cut
» glue stick, double sided sticky tape or pva
» pencil
» this pdf

shapes for cute paper bow how to, pink paper on floral fabric

using the pdf (which you can either print, trace or just use as a guide) cut out the three shapes. you can make the whole thing as big or small as you want.

pull around the ends of the biggest piece until they meet in the middle, then put a blob of glue to keep it in place. it should look like this when glued:

how to make a paper bow tutorial, pink on vintage floral fabric

stick the bit you’ve just made onto the smaller bow shape, then wrap around the smaller piece for the ‘knot’ and glue that at the back.

and you’re done! wasn’t that easy?

outcome of paper bow on vintage fabric

cute paper bow on present with wrapping

you could use them for popping on top of a present, a hair accessory (just pop a blob of superglue on a crocodile clip and put the bow on) or make a bigger version. or put one on your cat when she’s sleeping because it looks adorable.

polka dot handmade bow on tortoiseshell cat

you can download the desktop wallpaper by right clicking here, select ‘save link as’ …and the phone wallpaper, here. enjoy!

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