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pink floral cutout collage pattern by laura redburn

in the midst of the referendum results a while back, i wanted to do something to distract myself from constantly checking social media and the news. even if it was just a short break, for the sake of my sanity i needed to get away from it.

what came out of that is a pattern that i really enjoyed making. it was one of the kind that just comes together really easily, but i think that was partially aided by having the idea for it a few days before. i’ve a few more plans for this ‘cut out’ style pattern/collage, but in the meantime, cast your eyes over these!

i’ve uploaded the blue variant to my society6 and redbubble shops, and might add another colour variant too. maybe the pink? what do you think?

if you’d like to commission a pattern or collage from me you can contact me via email.

cardboardcities society6 products

green cutout collage pattern by laura redburn

cardboardcities redbubble products

blue floral cutout collage pattern by laura redburn

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