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cut it out!: 30 papercut designs to cut out and keep* – £14.99

despite being a collage maker myself, i don’t do much of what most call papercutting. this is partly because i prefer scissors over an scalpel (for dexterity/grip reasons). typically i consider what this book covers as papercutting, but there can be a collage element in it too. they’re different skills too, and i really admire the huge amount of skill and time that goes into papercutting!

firstly, if that front cover hasn’t drawn you in, i don’t know what will. isn’t it fantastic? it’s actually been cut too and it is certainly effective. for tactile people you will definitely want to feel this cover many times over.

book review: cut it out - intro

cut it out by poppy chancellor

‘cut it out’ starts off with an introduction to poppy chancellor, to papercutting and things you will need. it also goes into a bit of detail about the stencil templates and included within the book and how to display your pieces. there are quite a few chapters which have themes such as love, halloween, animals and more. in each, there are a few stencils for you to cut out (you can photocopy to keep the book intact) and each one is backed with lovely coloured card if you wish to cut directly from the book.

papercut template from cut it out by poppy chancellor

book review: cut it out - by poppy chancellor

a fun thing about papercutting is the ‘confetti’ you’re left with, and little snippets of it are included throughout the book, which i think is a nice touch. personally i’m very fond of the colours used in the book too, nice and colourful overall and really encourages you to get stuck in.

even if you don’t feel you’re artistic, cut it out is the sort of book almost anyone can get stuck into providing you’ve a bit of time and a scalpel! i highly recommend it, especially if you like making lovely decorations and personalised pieces.

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