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firstly if you haven’t heard of the creative pep talk podcast, from which this book originated, i highly recommend you check it out. also, a few years back i did an interview with andy which you could have a read of too.

onto the book! creative pep talk is basically a visual representation of the podcast, one which you can pick up any time to look and be inspired, motivated or distracted by. like pretty much everything andy does its full of colour and love and wants to help you be the best you can be.

creative pep talk book endpaper

preface of creative pep talk

i make stuff because i get sad if i don't - will bryant

50 artists, from will bryant (above), dan cassaro (below), jessica hische, oliver jeffers and more contribute words of wisdom and motivation to keep you going in your creative travels. each person gives a phrase which is then illustrated or lettered in each artists style on the adjacent page. though in general the artists within this book have quite a graphic style, i still feel there’s a good variety within this.

each artist has also given a few words or a paragraph of advice elaborating on this. though i feel in some cases a little more text would be interesting and insightful, i think it’s really the image/representation that’s meant to pack the punch. and a lot of them certainly do that!

in the back of the book there’s a mini bio of each contributor. i especially enjoy touches like this, as it’s wonderful to both acknowledge people, but also to learn more about those featured. keep that inspiration going!

promise to stay wild - dan cassaro

helen dardik - be brave, be strong

creative pep talk - meg hunt

wake up and dream - creative pep talk

i feel that, even if not every artist and their style is to your taste, there is most definitely something to take from these pieces. some words of advice may not be relevant to you now, some may just serve as a passing thought, and some may be much more meaningful to you. as with anything i suppose, it’s up to you the meaning you take from these, and how you apply it to your life and your work.

i often find books like this more useful to me than a book chock full of text. i find it easier to take things in visually, especially if they’re colourful and/or graphic. so, if you’re anything like me i reckon you will really enjoy creative pep talk. if you want something more in depth, or in addition to this fantastic book – again, i highly recommend the creative pep talk podcast.

* – book provided by chronicle & abrams for the purpose of this review. all opinions and photography (of the book, not of the imagery within) as always, my own.

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