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though i rarely participate in blog hops and similar things, this is one i am totally on board with, because i love hearing from other creatives and how they go about doing what they do. i was nominated by natasha and helen, so go say hello to them! ..after you’ve read my answers of course ;).

what am I working on?

nothing at the moment! well, what i mean is that i currently have no work on (you can change that!), but i’m always working on something personal whether it’s a bit of collaging, filling up my sketchbook, painting/markmaking, making a pattern or learning a new skill. i’d love to learn a bit more about embroidery, so i may well get into that soon.

how does my work differ from others of its genre?

well, that’s a hard one to answer! i don’t really know. my collage work has changed a little recently, and is heading towards a slightly more minimal space. i feel like what i was doing before will feel dated soon, so i’m trying to just do what my heart feels. i guess something that differentiates me a bit is that i like to use handmade textures and shapes in my work. to be honest i don’t know how to answer this one! can someone else answer this? ha!

yellow pens and crayons
how does my creating process work?
sometimes it kind of changes from piece to piece, but generally it goes like this…


often i’ll only have a very basic idea in mind which is normally a colour scheme or a certain piece of imagery i want to include.

from there, i look through my paper cuttings, magazines, and other bits until i find something that, uh ..’speaks to me’. that sounds cheesy as heck, but it’s what works. i then cut and arrange until i find the composition pleasing, and glue. after that i scan and open in photoshop where i correct colours and sometimes add in extra bits. that’s (for the most part) it!

fan collage closeup


this varies much more. i prefer to work with things i’ve created by hand, so this could be a bit of markmaking, cutting up collaged shapes or making paintings/illustrations specifically like with my ice cream patterns. for the most part i don’t actually make the pattern by hand though (i do sometimes with collaged ones).

once my imagery is complete, i scan in, sort out the colours & tidy up wherever necessary. then i ‘cut’ around each shape/motif and put them on their own layer. i make my patterns in illustrator. i just find it much easier because you can make a swatch and preview the pattern when you’re making it, which just flows better with the way i work. i tend to make a few variations, and go with whatever i like best.

why do I create?

honestly, i’ve never really thought about that. i do it because i need to, and because it feels natural. i just don’t feel myself if i’ve not made something for a while. it’s one of very few things, that when i’m really into it, i feel truly happy. i’ve been doing and wanted to do something creative for as long as i can remember. cliche as it is’s just part of me!


i would love to nominate emma block,¬†and harriet of hello harriet. you don’t have to if you don’t want to (obvs) but i’d love to see your answers, ladies! also, even if you’ve not been tagged, but feel like taking part, please do! and then leave me a link so i can read your answers :)

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    I really like reading these, it's nice to get an idea of how someone works and what interests them x

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