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concrete and neon – a not so classic combination

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finding the perfect lamps for our flat has been a long standing thing. like many people, we’re not fans of ‘the big light’. a couple of smaller lamps so we can choose the level of light is preferable. the two rooms where we’ve struggled most were the bedroom and the front room. the front room is the only naturally bright room in the house, so it’s fine in the day, but in the evening we like to have something subtle. the bedroom has a suitable floor lamp, but i wanted something a bit more atmospheric too.

being me, i also wanted something that looks nice and suits the room as well. my decor style is …eclectic, so i don’t care about matchy matchy. more important to me is that the pieces support the overall ‘feel’ of the room.

pink neon lamp behind parlour palm

concrete and gold desk lamp

thanks to the cult living heston concrete desk lamp and the cult living heart shaped neon light i have two new pieces that are both functional, but also look great in both of the rooms. the concrete lamp adds a bit of calm and simplicity to the otherwise colourful and ‘busy’ room, whilst the pink neon lamp adds a bit of colour and fun to the bedroom without making it look childish.

though these pieces aren’t together in the same room – i have to say i think concrete and neon look fantastic together. there’s a really interesting contrast and it’s something i’d love to see a little more in interior design. side note: this is really cool.

close up of concrete and gold desk lamp

tiger paws begonia

plants and colourful vintage homewares

pink heart neon wall lamp

base of concrete and gold lamp

pink and red stay weird print from desenio

ava the cat sitting on sofa

the pink lamp was an immediate thing of joy to me. and lets be honest, very instagrammable too.

the concrete lamp took a little longer to warm to. now though, every time i walk into the front room i feel like it was the lamp we always needed. it looks fantastic with my plants, but i think it’d fit anywhere. would still love an anglepoise for the desk too though. the dream!

note to self: do a updated desk post soon. also: plant tour! i want to do more home decor posts on the blog, so hopefully these will help get me going. is there anything you’d like to see?

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  • Reply Emma 14/03/2018 at 12:07

    I love the neon light!

    • Reply laura redburn 21/03/2018 at 10:37

      isn’t it fun! it looks so cute even when it’s off.

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