colourful sticky9 magnets + a giveaway!

instagram magnets from sticky9
if you know me at all, you’ll know i’m super forgetful. this has actually improved vastly since i started having cod liver capsules a year or two ago, but i’m still pretty forgetful. anyway, one of the ways i remind myself to do things is to put notes on the fridge, or this little magnetic board in my room for more immediate ‘to do’ things. as well as notebooks, writing on my hands and phone reminders, haha.

if you tie in to that my love of instagram and colour, you have sticky9* (who used to be known as stickygram). as magnets they do their job well & don’t slip easily like some slightly bigger magnets do, and i really like that you have a bit of choice when it comes to size. you can go for a smaller size, or the slightly bigger ones like i have. you can also split up a photo into a ‘puzzle’ which i think is pretty awesome.

animated gif of instagram magnets
generally i think these are great, and i’ll definitely be ordering more in the future to make the fridge a little more snazzy. the colour reproduction from my photos is pretty good, but i think they’re just a tiny bit duller than i would have liked. pretty typical with phone photos and printing i find though, so it’s just me being fussy. miles better than some instagram photos i go printed at photobox some time ago, and as you can see they’re still pretty colourful!

sticky9 have also offered a reader a chance to win a set of their own! you have two chances to enter too, woohoo!

1 – comment telling me what you’d get printed on your magnets. would you go for a theme (colour, family etc) or just whatever strikes you? this is a mandatory entry.

2 – post a favourite photo you’ve taken on to your instagram and tag @cardboardcities & @sticky9 and hashtag it with #cardboardsticky so we can keep track of your entries! i’d love if you could tell us why it’s your favourite, too.

the giveaway is on for 2 weeks starting today and is open internationally!

* – these were sent for review, but as always, all words and opinions are my own.

listed at theprizefinder.com

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