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colourful posters from desenio

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whatever your style of decor, i always believe it’s a good idea to have art in your home. of course, as an artist/illustrator myself, i am biased here, but i still firmly believe this. even if it’s a little postcard, or a huge print. something super minimal, or a colourful maximalist piece. one piece, or a whole gallery wall.

most illustrators and visual creators i know have a mix of their own and other peoples art on their walls (or, on a moodboard or similar). always good to have inspiration in as many forms as you can take it. also, if you have horrible textured wallpaper like me, you’ll cover up as much of it as you can, ha!

floral collage and pink abstract prints from desenio

what’s your style when it comes to art in your home? do you like to keep it traditional or more modern? do you like to mix up styles and sizes, or keep one style throughout your household?

as you can see, i’m definitely more of the ‘mix it up’ type. i just find it too limiting to stick to one style when there’s so many things i enjoy, but i do try and group things if they fit together.

botanical posters with birds

minimal ampersand poster

so, where are all these cool posters from? the swedish site desenio. i actually first heard of them though the wonderful molly. since then i’ve kept a firm eye on the site. i particularly enjoy their bold, graphic prints but am also very much swooning over their botanical pieces too. i even managed to find a floral AND collage poster (above) to my utter joy!

if you have a look around the site and decide you want a print or two, wait a moment because i have a discount for you. score! if you want 25% off, type cardboardcities25 at checkout. please note, this discount is only available until this thursday (6th april) and is valid on all posters except ones marked ‘handpicked’ – so get on it if you want to take advantage of that. i would love to see your choices if you decide to. there really is something for everyone!

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