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a colourful 24 hours in poole

travelodge room key

this time last monday i was on my way to poole. despite train delays and being ravenously hungry i was excited to go somewhere new and explore a bit. i rarely get the chance to go ‘away’ thanks to being poor but i do absolutely love going on little adventures to new places. i know dorset a little as i lived in bridport for a few months many years ago and visited weymouth and portland many a time when i was a littlun. i’m sure i’ve got a photo of me somewhere near portland bill lighthouse in a cute polka dot co-ord.

travelodge king size bed with surface pro 4

travelodge comfy cushions

anyway! i thought i’d share a ‘colourful 24 hours in poole’ post as that’s …pretty much my thing. my soul seeks out colour wherever i am. it was thanks to travelodge* that i got to do this trip and stay over, so shout out to them for making this happen! i loved the blue theme of the room and had quite a view too! it’s location was perfect – right opposite poole train station, near some water and close to town too.

i dropped off my things, had a quick look around the room and of course dove onto the super comfy king size bed. to, you know, test it out. being a budget hotel, the amenities are obviously not going to be luxury, but you have what you need and the staff really are super friendly and happy to help with any requests. like most tourists, especially in an area like this, you mostly just use it as a place to rest and sleep after you’re done exploring.

red and yellow shop exterior

pub in poole, dorset

mortons gifts and fine jewellery, poole

flags hanging in the old town, poole

scaplens court, poole, dorset

so that’s exactly what i did. first, i headed into town. there’s two main parts. the newer part, and the ‘old town’ that leads into the harbour and further afield. of course, i scoured the charity shops. there’s plenty on the high street and i bought a couple things as a memento of my time there, as well as a bag i’ve been looking for for ages.

there’s a nice mix of shops, a few typical high street ones, lots of cafes, charity shops, and some more traditional ones that look like they’ve been there many years. personally, i preferred the old town area because it just had more character, but i love that it’s all so close together. there’s lots of places i wanted to pop into but i didn’t have time – another time hopefully! – like the lush spa, the poole museum & scaplen’s court, purbeck pottery and more. i would have loved to go on the ferry to brownsea too but couldn’t afford it.

window with flowerbox

hotel du vin, poole old town

paradise street, poole, dorset

after that, i walked along the harbour. by this time the sun was shining brightly, people were leaving work and walking along the harbour happily eating chips and ice creams and looking around the local pubs and restaurants for food. there were a few people catching crabs and fishing, lots of people walking their dogs and plenty of people sitting taking in the lovely view. it was a lovely walk and i felt very calm with the smells in the air and the wind blowing through my hair.

boat in poole harbour

palm tree against blue sky

grace house, poole, dorset

close up of sign in poole

purbeck pride poole boat

then i went back to the giant asda that was near the hotel, got very tempted to buy plants i wouldn’t have been able to carry home, but ultimately came out with just something for tea. sadly i couldn’t have chips by the harbour as generally they can’t be guaranteed gluten free, and i couldn’t afford a pub meal (some had GF options though which is good to see!). i then had some chill out time in the room sitting on the bed watching tv and editing some of my photos. i kept looking out of the window at that nice view and couldn’t resist popping out for an evening walk to catch some twilight colour.

twilight view outside poole travelodge

small boat in holes bay, poole

holes bay, poole

buildings opposide holes bay, poole

the next day i really wanted to go to sandbanks or bournemouth, but after working out timings i wouldn’t have really been able to get there, have a good wonder and back in time for my train home. so, after a quick google i decided on going to hamworthy, which was just a short bus ride away. even then i actually almost missed my train. whoops.

so uh. hamworthy is cute as heck. the beachy area is just a short walk from the bus stop. there are beach huts! and a sandy beach area! ahhhh. it made me so happy. i always feel as if i was meant to live near the sea. i’ve lived in a few places that have been near to the sea or harbour type areas so every time i get a bit of sea air it gives me a special kind of contentedness.

dalmatian walking by beach huts in hamworthy

beach huts in hamworthy, poole, dorset

blue beach hut

close up of texture on beach hut

feet on sand at hamworthy

turquoise arrow pointing upwards

sea at hamworthypink beach hut in hamworthy

we r one beach hut, hamworthy poole

i took a stroll along the beach area, taking a ridiculous amount of photos of the beach huts, then sat in the sand for a while to watch the waves and gobble down a couple of mrs crimbles bakewell slices. bakewell slices, a bit of sun and windy sea air are a very good mix. it’s the best i’ve felt in quite some time. simple things eh?

it was a really lovely couple of days and poole is now definitely somewhere i’d recommend to anyone passing by, or looking for a nice place to stay that’s close to the coast as well as shops and plenty of green areas. i definitely want to go back some day soon, and this little trip has really made me want to travel around the UK more when i get the opportunity to.

have you been to poole, or is there anywhere in the nearby areas you’d recommend checking out? let me know in the comments so anyone reading this post can get a good idea of things to do that they might not find elsewhere.

* my stay was courtesy of travelodge for the purposes of this post.
as always, words, opinions and images my own.

thank you to the brands that help support this blog. want to work with me?

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  • Reply Alison 08/08/2017 at 08:53

    Sounds like a brilliant little trip & I LOVE your take on photography – it’s such a fab view on Poole!

    • Reply laura redburn 08/08/2017 at 17:25

      it was lovely. only a short break but i never would have been able to afford it otherwise, and it was so nice to get away even if just for 24hrs! and to spend some time near water and beach huts was a definite bonus. will definitely visit that area again when i can and visit sandbanks, go to brownsea and bournemouth too! and thank you so much! 😘

  • Reply Sophie 08/08/2017 at 11:26

    Laura, these pictures are amazing! You have such an amazing eye for finding great colour and composition. It absolutely makes me want to visit Poole.. great post :)

  • Reply Lori 09/08/2017 at 09:52

    You’re photos are gorgeous Laura and I love the one of Paradise st and the pink life saver! I used to live near Poole and this is bring back all sorts of memories x

  • Reply Polly 09/08/2017 at 13:05

    Gorgeous photo’s Laura! Looks like a beuatiful place x

  • Reply Slummy single mummy 12/08/2017 at 11:56

    Beautiful photos! I love the one of Paradise Street – I always have my eyes open for funny names like that. We live a few minutes from a cul de sac called ‘Lady Lawn’ which always makes me laugh :-)

  • Reply Laura 30/08/2017 at 23:24

    I just love how you capture colour wherever you go Laura! Looks like you stay with Travelodge went really well – there hotels have everything you need and I really want to visit Poole now after reading this

    Laura x

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