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yellow is definitely growing on me. it used to be a colour that ..not that i didn’t like as such, but i would never choose anything yellow if i had the choice of another colour. i think the key, for me anyway, is little yellow things. i don’t think i could wear a yellow dress, but a ring, some underwear, a belt ..those are things i could manage.

saying that, i do love the sofa below. it’d really brighten up a room, and is easily covered with a throw or some pillows if the colour became a bit much. that slightly mustardy yellow is really nice. i am totally lusting after dr martens lately too. i’ve wanted some since i was a child, but have never been able to afford any. they’re definitely high on my wish list of things to buy when i have money to spare.

1// eames numbers tray 2// inch by cinch belt 3// huit half cup bra 4// etude house nail polish 5// ladybird likes wooden butterfly brooch 6// charlotte olympia ‘hug me’ clutch 7// jonah 3 seater sofa 8// orla kiely storage tin 9// pink and yellow earrings 10// sun yellow dr martens 11// sprout round check watch 12// shapes patent grab bag

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