colour love

colour love – turquoise/mint

turquoise/mint colour love

tape dispenser – ebay / rainbow washi tape / formica coasters – block / stamp – ebay

turquoise! my favourite colour. i may be having a moment with pink lately, but turquoise has been my favourite colour since i was little, so it has a place in my heart i guess. looking around our home, we (i) have a lot of turquoise things, but don’t have walls painted that colour or have one focussed area of it.
turquoise always stands out to me when i’m shopping for pieces for the home, from dishes to bigger items like sofas. i would l-o-v-e a retro sofa but our landlord won’t take the current one away. i found some fantastic turquoise vintage floral coasters recently that i so nearly bought, but we don’t need them so they can make someone else’s home happy instead.
fashion wise, i realise now that i don’t have that many turquoise or mint items! i have a turquoise dress and a super pretty silver and turquoise ring, but besides that, not much. i however, do love this sleeveless shirt and shoes which i will be promptly adding to my wishlist.

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