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colour love – silver

silver seems to be one of those colours that divide people, along with gold. i think that, along with every other colour, you can wear a colour you don’t feel suits you. you just have to think about the details, rather than a bigger item.

don’t feel silver suits your skin tone, but still want to wear it? wear a belt, some shoes ..a cardie with silver buttons! that way other colours that do suit you are surrounding the silver. that can be applied to anything! unless you just plain don’t like a colour, that is.

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colour love for silver, with fashion and home decor
1// hexagon stud earrings 2// pyrite necklace 3// diagonal print cushion 4// daisy foil skirt 5// florence woven hobo bag 6// hammered metal tealight holder 7// monogram cake slice 8//sullivan mirror 9// powershot s110 camera 10// carbon fiber iphone case 11// bunny charm 12// zoe slingback shoes 13// rosewood candle 14// moroccan leather pouf

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