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colour love – purple

purple is one of those colours that i’ve always loved, but i definitely think it looks better in small amounts. i don’t know why, but i think it has a tendency to look tacky if there’s too much in one place, regardless of it’s saturation or tone. did you know ‘radiant orchid’ is the new pantone colour of the year? personally i’m not a fan, but i feel like with the right use it’d look nice.

i think i prefer the very slightly warmer purples, and the colder purples, but nothing extreme either way. that’s both specific and vague, isn’t it! i always feel like purple would have a nice smell, too.

1// faux anemone 2// smithie heels 3//purple quality street  4// plum herringbone throw 5// happy socks 6// amythyst necklace 7//fun day best dress 8// vintage crystal ring 9// heddi tealight holder 10// polka dot pitcher 11// vintage dial strap watch 12// elgar chair in ‘fig’

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