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colour love – orange

orange splat
i saw this splat walking somewhere and i had to take a photo! i know it’s not the most amazing photo subject but i just liked the super bright orange as it was so unexpected. normally not a fan of neon at all but i’ll excuse it this time!

i just want to say i am so glad i changed to using my own photographs for my colour love posts. i feel so much more excited about it rather than sometimes struggling to find loads of items of a certain colour i liked. i feel like i can be much more creative this way, and i get to improve my photography at the same time. double win!

how do you feel about orange? i have been so many people talking about the korres lip butter in mango, and it looks great. i want to try a more orange toned lipstick, but i’m too afraid to take the plunge. something like that is much more subtle, but saying that i’d probably try a coral-orange lipstick too. i very rarely will wear orange, but i could totally see myself using this super cute fruity bag. so cute.

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