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colour love – orange

orange is definitely a colour that’s grown on me over the years. not that i didn’t like it as such, but i just didn’t like it quite as much as other colours. to be honest, it’s still not a colour i’d really wear in anything other than accessories, but i am open to change on that.

however, i do love a bit of orange in home decor! not on a wall painting scale, but in things like cups and blankets it’s really quite lovely. i prefer to stick to the more yellowy/red oranges rather than ones bordering on brown.

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collage of orange home decor and fashion items

1// poppy go lucky coat 2// morange mac lipstick 3// resin tumbler 4// mohair blanket 5// 3 drawer dresser 6// riverbank side plate 7// wave colori drink glass 8// kitchenaid blender 9// ankle boots 10// sausage dog pencil case 11// quay sunglasses 12// leroy donkey candle

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