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sara midda's south of france
i want to get more original content on the blog, so as part of that i’m going to be shaking up my colour love posts a bit. every other week i’ll be posting a photo of something i own/ i’ve seen with a colour i love, and on the alternate weeks i’ll do the normal collage of items. i enjoy making these posts, but it’s very time consuming and i’d rather be using some of that time taking (and improving on) photos.

so to um ..celebrate? a slight new beginning i’ve decided to go all multicolour! this book is sara midda’s south of france. i have to admit, i knew nothing about her and her work, i was just drawn in by the cover! no shame in that every now and then, is there. i’ve actually discovered some amazing books this way.

when it comes to clothes i find i only really like lots of mixed colours when it comes to florals, or an amazing pattern. as much as i love colour and pattern most of my clothes seem to be a maximum of two or three colours. i prefer either bold and graphic or muted pretty vintage so there’s still quite a range. when it comes to home decor i’m colourful, but once again i don’t mix up a million colours all together. i do love some colourful illustration though, which can be a fantastic statement in an otherwise minimal room.

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