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colour love – lime green

i’m sat here typing this today with a yellowy green blanket around me, whilst under my lime green duvet (i’m ill by the way). it’s safe to say i am liking this shade of green at the moment. to be honest, it’s not really a colour i’d wear in large amounts, but small pieces would be a nice boost.

i realised it’s actually quite hard to find lime items that all conform to the exact same shade of lime green, so i did my best here! some are a bit more neon, some are a bit more muted, but they defintely have the look of lime. plus also i included an actual lime because they’re delicious.

1// longline bikini top 2// vintage cathrineholm bowls 3// tulip bodycon dress 4// 1930’s bakelite bangle 5//tights for every occasion 6// flower brooch 7// lime 8// porcelain tea pot and cup 9// saddle bag 10// magnetic timer 11// brooch 12// ciate nail polish in ‘palm tree’ 13// numa vase

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