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gold has been a definite grower with me! similarly to yellow, i find myself liking it more and more over time. though in terms of jewellery i’ll probably always prefer silver (it just looks better with my skin tone) ..i do find myself drawn to gold a lot lately.

and guess what? as usual i find myself liking the warmer gold tones more. i love those cicada earrings so much. i don’t have piercings anymore, but i do love insect themed brooches and necklaces. any suggestions where to buy some?

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collage of gold colour items, including fashion and jewellery
1// sequin open back midi dress 2// heart christening bangle 3// kate spade watch 4// magicicada earrings 5// essie nail colour 6// golden finch ring dish 7// real go glitter flats 8//kitty cat ring 9// sheer gold vase 10// hexagon bangle 11// round velvet cushion 12// glitter bow belt 13// all that glitters clutch

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