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colour love – bright red

red is one of those colours that always strikes me. stating the obvious here, but it’s a very ..well, striking colour, especially a bright red like these items. in terms of clothing it’s not a colour i could wear a large amount of (saying this, i do have a rather bold red winter coat), but i do generally prefer it in accents, like a hair accesory, a brooch or some socks. gotta love a strong red lip, too!

looking around my room, i do have a few bright red items dotted around too. a fake red poppy (poppies are my favourite flower), some pom-poms, and a dish holding some rings. do you like bright reds, or do you prefer a more understated burgundy or something bordering on pink?

collage of bright red fashion and home decor items
1// ignite the night dress 2// retro alarm clock 3// bestie bobbie set 4// kipling shoulder bag 5// ankle socks  6// atom art bowl 7// rose hair grip 8// vintage enamel poppy brooch 9// polka dot bra 10// essie nail polish 11// vase 12// ladybug brooch 13// shrug cardigan 14// cushion 15// 16 piece dinner set

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