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yellow and blue has been a colour combination i’ve been fond of for a long time. it has a tendency to look kinda ..gaudy? when the colours are too bright and it’s too colour-blocky, but with pastels or nicely balanced it looks mighty swell and really fresh, and often quite springy.

it may or may not be obvious, but i am a huge lover of colour, and think it should be worn all year round. i don’t like when people seem to think because it’s autumn or winter you have to wear autumnal or dark colours. i totally disagree! if you want to then of course go ahead, but if you love bright colours and springy florals, what’s wrong with that? wear what you want to wear!

collage of yellow and blue items

clockwise from top left // waterproof duffle coat, soap popsicle, vintage floral halter dress, midcentury wobble ball light, classic yolk watch, fjallraven kanken backpack, boutique my interest shoes, 60’s industrial fan

outfit 2 // 50’s dressbertie braxton brogues, blue and silver beaded handbag, royal blue glass necklace


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