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can’t believe i’ve left it so long to share these here. the honest reason is that i thought i already had. whoops!

this is an exciting one! in october last year, liv of what olivia did contacted me to make a couple of collage pieces for her newly redesigned blog. of course i was instantly in!

olivia wanted something feminine, slightly handmade looking that vaguely showcased topics shared on her blog. initially she wanted something just for her about page so most of my time was spent on that. she thought a small collage would also fit well on her front page alongside her intro blurb too.

what olivia did collage by laura redburn

i felt both came together relatively quickly and easily, partly because i feel my minimal, feminine style gels well with olivia’s, but also because she knew what she wanted and let me have free reign from there. i thought it would be good to include some of olivia’s handwriting, and i think it looks really sweet and makes the piece a little more personal.

sunday duvet reading newsletter header

around the same time that she relaunched her blog, she also launched her (lovely) newsletter ‘sunday duvet reading‘ and asked me to design a header for that. i included a couple of the pieces from the about page collage, and incorporated others like some breadcrumbs and a sleep mask.

what do you think? personally i really like them, and really enjoyed making them as well as working with olivia. she really is so sweet! i think they’re very ‘me’ but suit her well too.

‘Laura was a total dream to work with, and knew exactly what I was going for from the word go. She worked quickly and put together some absolutely gorgeous collages for my site’

looking for a collage for your site, blog, newsletter or something else? or some collage based graphics for blog posts and articles? then i’m your gal. you can get in touch via email┬áto discuss.

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