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collage scraps instagram by laura redburn

seeing that instagram now allows multiple users to be logged in, i decided to do something i’ve been thinking of doing for a while now, which is to make a dedicated “collage scraps” instagram.

i love taking photos of my collage scraps, as well as photos when i’m sorting through my collage bits – both of which I share on my cardboardcities instagram every now and then. so, i thought, why not make an account just for them? it’s gonna look ace seeing loads together.

i wanted a community aspect too, so made the hashtag #collage_scraps for anyone wanting to share theirs too. every now and then i will feature these, so get tagging!

hope you enjoy this new, colourful, collage (scrap) filled account!

collage scraps instagram

collage scraps on instagram by laura redburn

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