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collage – ‘pebbles’

every now and then i feel so stressed and worried and just generally bad, but somehow i feel a bit creative too (often it’s the opposite when feeling like that) so i like cutting out shapes and sticking them down. it’s somehow really therapeutic, and i like making something that doesn’t mean anything or have any pressure attached to it.

the background is from something i did in college (a monoprint on top of scribbles), when actually, i was feeling very similar to how i’ve been feeling recently. at the time i did loads of photocopies but never used them, but still kept them. 6 years later and part of one has come into use! wow, i didn’t realise how long ago that was until literally just now.

late into my first year of college is when i really started getting into collage. it didn’t really mean anything to me at the time, just a different way of working. but the more i did it, the more i enjoyed it and it just felt ‘right’. it’s become something that’s really important to me, and although sometimes i have a seemingly never-ending patch of time where i don’t make any, it’s something i will always come back to.

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