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collage carnival by lizzie lees –  £12.99

℅ batsford

as a collage artist myself, it’s always exciting to see books by other collage makers, and especially ones that encourage everyone to get into collage.

collage carnival (a book to colour, cut and paste your way to creative heaven) is a book that does exactly this. the second you look through it you just want to get stuck in, and the variety of activities is very exciting.

this book is absolutely chock full of colour, patterns, collage activities, stickers and much more. even if you don’t want to cut up and use the book (i can’t bring myself to do it just yet) this book is definitely inspiring and will make you want to get out a stack of paper, scissors and some glue and just dig in.

collage carnival book

fun stickers for collages

as you flick through the book you have some instructions ..basically to have fun and get stuck in.

you can start from the middle of the book if you want, or just dive in at any page. there’s fold out pages where you can collage a city scene with papers in the book, you can make a llama or the eiffel tower, a cupcake, a pineapple …there’s so much choice!

interspersed throughout are pages full of pattern and colour, many of which are perforated for easy removal, but some suggest using scissors. just do whatever you feel comfortable with. these patterned pages are mostly for making collages within the book, but of course you could just use some plain paper and make your own. in the back there’s some pages with ready made patterns that you can colour in yourself, so there’s even more opportunity to just go wild.

collage carnival - book review

look for inspiration everywhere and be curious

collaged alphabet stickers

collage carnival - make your own pineapple collage

collage carnival - patterns to colour in

in a way i find this book quite overwhelming, but in a good way. it’s just so packed full of things to do that you can’t not be entertained by it, and it’s most certainly worth every penny you pay for it. i really want to have my own collage based book one day, and it’s books like this push me and make me realise it’s totally possible.

if you love and are excited by colour and patterns (and collage obviously) this is definitely the book for you. age doesn’t matter with this one long as you have an imagination and a bit of time to spare i can confidently say you will have some good, fun times with it.

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  • Reply Sabian 14/06/2016 at 15:22

    I was looking online for a review of this book after seeing it in Foyles. Thanks for taking the time to write one. I went out and bought the book as a gift for a dear friend and they think it’s bloody brilliant!!

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