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christmas table with wedgwood plate
christmas wreath and berries
i used to hate christmas. well, not hate it as such, but i’ve never been a fan of the whole over-the-top-ness of how most people see and celebrate it. other than when i was little, christmas has never really been a big thing in our family. other than the food, this is. it was the one thing that made it for me. one year it was just me and my dad ..we had no decorations up, gave no presents ..but he made us a really nice christmassy meal and we drank sherry and ate brandy liqueurs all day.

now it’s just me and my boyfriend and it’s a pretty similar situation. we don’t decorate much (a couple sprigs of holly and some fairy lights ..and a wreath this year), we do exchange presents, and the meal is always the best bit. most years we put on pet sounds by the beach boys when we’re cooking and ..well, it’s perfect for us.

bronze bird and red rose on gingham
laura ashley wreath
normally we just eat with plates in our laps, but this year we’re going to get the (foldable) table out and make it a bit more special. i think it’s the wreath making that got me a little more into the spirit this year. i’m never going to be an ‘all out’ and traditional type person and i like to keep it relatively simple with table decor, so my wreath is the centrepiece and i have some other semi-christmassy bits dotted about. i love that my favourite wedgwood plates suddenly seem quite seasonally appropriate too!

godiva chocolates on wedgwood plate
tablecloth, wedgwood plates, brass bird, napkin rings and berries – charity shops
trays, placemats and godiva chocolates – john lewis
heart cocktail sticks and mushrooms – tiger
cranberry mini wreath – rossiters (cardiff)
glass bottles and bead garland – clas ohlson
wreath – laura ashley

furniture choice are asking people to design their table for christmas, for a chance to win a table (worth £800). this post is in association with the competition.

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    love those plates – and the wreath makes a great center piece!

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