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christmas decor with homesense

i’m going to bring it in. it’s the c word.


how do you feel about it? what’s the most important part of it for you? what do you enjoy the most about it?

christmas has always been a bit of a weird one for me. i do celebrate it, but in a much more restrained way than most. i’ve said this before, but food is the best part of christmas for me. i don’t really have family, and christmas was never really a big thing for us when i was little. food has always been the constant regardless of surroundings. the boyfriend and i can’t afford anything extravagant, but we do our best with what we have and it’s always delicious.

when it comes to decor, i really don’t like ‘typical’ christmas stuff. even as a child i was really fussy! i did LOVE making paper chains though! oh, i could have made those for days. for me, it either has to be minimal (ideally silver), or kitschy, non christmas colours. when it comes to christmas decor, and more specifically buying new pieces, i prefer things that can potentially be used year round if possible.

i’ve collaborated with homesense to pick some christmas decor items that fit with my style, as well as things that could easily be used at other times of year. i was initially going to pick items that fit within a colour scheme (silver being the colour i chose) but then i saw that colourful garland ..i mean, it’s perfect right?


homesense christmas items

unless i feel like going for the vintage kitsch feel, i definitely prefer simple silver items. most christmas items i’ve bought in the past are silver so i (mostly) went for that here. i thought i’d go a little into my reasoning for the items i chose, and other uses i have planned for them.

the studded candle holder has a lovely minty candle, and when it’s done i want to use it for a plant pot. imagine some succulents in there!

the geometric hanging ornament looks lovely and is nice and weighty too, so perhaps could be used as a paperweight, but makes a nice photo prop too.

the star shaped jingle bell could easily be hung anywhere, and as it’s not ‘obviously’ christmassy, could stay up or i thought it would look cute on one of the inside doors.

and of course the colourful garland wouldn’t look out of place any other time of the year. i also thought it would be good to dangle our christmas cards from.

the christmas card i bought to put in a frame for some cheap and cheerful seasonal art. the illustration is super pretty too, don’t you think?

and finally, some striped and dotty pencils for stocking stuffers. not strictly decor, but pretty and a useful little gift!

homesense christmas decor close up

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  • Reply Mel Wiggins 16/11/2016 at 20:02

    Well this is just the cutest collection of bright and wonderful items! Totally you, spot on! I always think of you when I see lovely bright colours like these. xo

  • Reply Molly 17/11/2016 at 20:16

    These are so pretty! I love the bright colours and the cute shiny silver trinkets. You can’t read this post and fail to be cheered by all the lovely colours. x

    • Reply laura redburn 29/11/2016 at 14:41

      ah thank you! i bloody love that pompommy garland especially.

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