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back with some more charity shop finds!

money has been tighter than ever, so, though I’ve never been over the top with spending, I have definitely been even more considered with my purchases in the past few months. I very, very rarely buy on impulse anyway, and always try to consider whether what I buy will be useful (therefore, something I will actually use), needed, or something I’ve been looking for for a while. sometimes I will be searching for years – not continuously, mind you – for certain items of clothing or objects.

there is the occasional thing that might be slightly more impulse based though, like the little disco ball above. I saw on the Betty magazine Instagram that Charlotte had bought one, and when I saw one in a charity shop a few days later I knew it was basically meant to be. love when it catches the light, and safe to say Ava is a fan too.

pastel striped blouse with interesting pocket detail

mini framed photograph of pressed flowers

pink cake and copper cake moulds

the pastel striped blouse was basically a must have. I adore the pocket and sleeve detail, so unusual and not something you’d see on clothes nowadays! perfect for summer and warmer spring days. I love small framed images, and especially floral based ones, so at 20p, how could I possibly resist?

when one of my favourite Cardiff charity shops was having a book sale I found a vintage book with lots of cake and dessert recipes – it had some fantastic photos in that were primo collage material! also, I found the below book with loads of sweet, colourful floral plates at the end. definitely want to scan a few to print and hang!

nasturtium illustration in book

vintage united nations stamps

copper plant mister

yellow girl guide pin

you may know I have a small stamp collection so these vintage united nations stamps were most definitely calling out to me. love that graphic imagery! the plant mister was a bit of an excited find, I’ve wanted one for ages but can’t really afford to pay £12 or so for something like that. a bargain at £1 and certainly prettier than my plastic spray bottle! and finally, this cute little pin, which, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll find I didn’t realise was a girl guide pin til I got it home! I just liked it because I thought would look cute on my favourite yellow coat (which, yes, was from a charity shop).

have you found anything good in charity shops lately? any charity shops you’d like to recommend?

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  • Reply Katrina Sophia 17/05/2017 at 10:21

    That plant mister is SO cool!

    • Reply laura redburn 22/05/2017 at 11:31

      isn’t it lovely! i think the nozzle needs a clean because it doesn’t spray evenly, but a total bargain for £1 huh?

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