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an accidental hiatus – but my gluten free reviews posts are back!

just to remind you ..i’m not a writer, and i’m certainly not a food writer. this is likely blatently obvious but i feel the need to point it out from time to time.

anyway. a gluten free beer! specifically, a organic czech lager called celia. i was a little dubious about trying this as i’m not a huge lager fan, but i do try to remain open minded and try things at least once.

this gets huge points for me for the packaging. minimal and very striking. if i saw this in a shop or supermarket i’d definitely be intrigued enough to pick it up and read the info. i like the clever name too! it comes in cans as well if that’s more your thing.

celia gluten free beer review

hand holding small glass of beer

i’m going to be honest here and say i wasn’t really a fan. it definitely tastes well made, but just not quite my thing. to describe the taste: it’s crisp, clean, hoppy and very light with a hint of lemon. has a bit of a (sorry for the vagueness) edge to it too, which makes it stand out a little from more ordinary lagers. would be a perfect summer beer at a picnic or barbecue! for me, one i would rather have with food than to enjoy by itself. if you lean towards the aforementioned characteristics though, you will like it!

fun fact: it’s brewed ina 14th century castle! you couldn’t say that about very many things, and a good talking point if you were at a gathering drinking this.

fellow coeliacs – any beers out there you would recommend? i prefer something a bit softer and warmer on the tongue. quite light and sweet, but not too much. i like citrussy and fruity hints. also a gluten free fruit beer recommendation would be great. think along the lines of fruli.

celia organic lager provided for the purpose of this review. all opinions and photography as always, my own.

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