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totally crushin’ on – janet hill

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i adore the paintings of janet hill! i particularly like the ones that have one main subject, like the legs or bunny below. i really like her soft colour palette, and her painting style. she captures light fantastically, too! not too harsh or too soft, just right.

she also sells prints in her shop, in which i will definitely have to purchase a couple of prints soon!
totally crushin on   janet hill

totally crushin’ on – gustav klimt

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i’ve always loved klimt, and i always will. 
i adore the colours he uses, his work is so ethereal, slightly surreal and just all round dreamy, if slightly ‘scary’ at times. my favourite painting of his is the girl below. it’s called ‘mäda primavesi’ and i just love it. the colour scheme, the flowers, that dress!
do you have a favourite klimt piece?
totally crushin on   gustav klimt

totally crushin’ on – emily winfield martin

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totally crushin on   emily winfield martin

emily winfield martin is a long time favourite of mine. i can’t remember how or where exactly i discovered her work, but i do remember i instantly fell for it. i love her style, subject matter, colour pallette, everything. there’s something super special about her ladies that i just can’t put my finger on. i can’t believe i don’t already own one, but i’m definitely getting a couple prints when i have money in the new year!