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totally crushin’ on – ez pudewa

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i first discovered ez pudewa many a year ago on flickr, then her blog creature comforts through that. i was so happy when she started and making selling prints of her absolutely adorable illustrations because ..well, just look at them! aren’t they the sweetest ever?

i love the pastel hues, the subject matter, and the simplicity of her work. perfect for a baby room, don’t you think?

illustrations by ez pudewa

totally crushin’ on – steph baxter

totally crushing on by

i’ve been a fan of steph baxter for many years now. i was actually the first sale in her etsy shop in 2010!

i adore how colourful her work is, and anyone that does super rad hand lettering and loves twin peaks is awesome in my books! she has a great sense of colour i think, everything seems considered, but also has a feel of whimsy. go steph!

totally crushin on   steph baxter

totally crushin’ on – renata latipova

totally crushing on by

i really like the style of renata latipova aka kitten waves. i must admit, i’m generally not much of a fan of manga or manga style (or whatever the correct usage here is) illustrations, but there’s something i really like about renatas work. she has a good sense of composition, and i really like the textures and details that she uses in her work.

i’d love if she’d make her ‘my girlfriend is a badass’ ilustrations into a comic too, because from what i see here it’d be pretty awesome. also, i really like her norwegian wood illustrations too.
totally crushin on   renata latipova