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Links to inspire, and items of interest. Posted on Sundays.

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botanical book from the 60's

// lovely interview with one of my favourite instagrammers, india hobson.

// i discovered the blog one pleasant day recently and it’s so so lovely. i feel calm just looking at it.

// a wonderfully colourful post from sintra in portugal, from kristabel. also loving this post from the beyond retro archive.

// this rosy post from lobster and swan made me swoooon. imagine the smell!

// a list of 21 places to visit an hours drive from cardiff – quite a few i’ve not been to. anyone want to give me a lift? ;)

sunday links | 40

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bird on a branch

// check this out if you want to discover some fantastic women graphic designers. you may have heard of a few of these, but there were a couple that i didn’t know of! looking at those images makes my eyes so happy.

// i enjoyed this experiment of 12 photographers using the same setting. which is your favourite?

// this cute heart clutch is so similar to the one i’ve been trying to find forever! ❤️

// love the instagram insights from makelight. especially that it shows most used colour palette.

// need some good vibes? get this pin from the ever awesome oh no rachio.

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the old library cardiff

// this piece on the wellness and ‘clean eating’ by ruby tandoh is important and you should read it if you haven’t already.

// really want this nuuna YES/NO notebook.

// enjoyed this piece on how to cope with other peoples happiness. i’ve known quite a few people that have struggled with this, and it’s definitely something you can get over in time.

// i have a fondness for hands on things and this necklace is no exception to that.

// fun, creative portraits taken with a 10 second self timer.