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Links to inspire, and items of interest. Posted on Sundays.

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hygge setup by lucy heath

haven’t done sunday links in what feels like a very long time! i always keep a file with links to things i find interesting, inspiring and things i want, but from time to time i forget to actually write posts including them! so, here’s five to keep you going until next time.

// manners are good and so is this pin. also like this nothing changes pin.

// a satisfying video of unsatisfying things. love the colours in this too!

// love these images by illustrator barbarian.

// i’ve been looking for the perfect tan backpack for ages, that will fit my SP4 in and still looks stylish, and i think i’ve found it!

// talking of perfect, these polka dot pink silk pyjamas are my dream!

ps. if you enjoy my blog i would really, really appreciate your vote for my blog in the UK blog awards! voting closes tomorrow, and it only takes a moment – thank you!

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side of rusty skip

// love these old photos of san fransisco from the 40’s and 50’s

// interesting interview from spencer harrison on his colourful work, as well as some advice for creatives.

// before we know it, winter will be here. if you want to get in the mood, check out this wintry post on searching for tomorrow.

// if you need some tips for shooting with a vintage lens, julia has you covered. (so do i)

// ever wondered what MF doom sounds like combined with sade? find out!

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blackberries in various stages of ripeness

// LOVED this talk from bojack horseman designer lisa hanawalt so much and i think you should watch it right this instant.

// these illustrations by annie dornan smith are wonderful. especially enjoying the bottom! 🍑

// i have insane amounts of love for the work of manjit thapp.

// “I was created with strength to make waves like the moon” – really enjoyed this poem by katy gilroy

// if you want a shot of happiness, check out bee’s 10 favourite episodes of the office. i was laughing out loud recalling them all.