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Links to inspire, and items of interest. Posted on Sundays.

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green, pink and blue stripes

i can’t believe i’ve done 50 of these! realistically i should have done more now, if i hadn’t kept forgetting about them, ha. i enjoy collecting links of things i’ve come across on my internet travels, and then sharing them with you all. i do hope you enjoy these quick little posts. as always, if you have anything interesting to share, do let me know!

// i recently discovered these pink shoes from clarks and i can’t stop thinking about how cute they are, and how they’d go with so many of my clothes

// love these boob tshirts from hiedra (.) (.)

// have you heard of risotto studio? if not, you will love it. anyway, the founder, gabriella has done some pretty fantastic work, like these façades for inverness library. i adore her colourful, graphic style.

// talking of risotto studio, and tshirts, if boobs aren’t your thing you will love this ‘rib‘ tshirt. oh my.

// loved reading this story from illustrator rose blake (daughter of peter) on riding through the hollywood hills with david hockney. i would like to leave you with the last paragraph of this, as it is something i feel wholeheartedly.

“It was a totally sensory experience, a living work of art, and even as a child I was aware of this. It was about light, landscape, colour, music, time passing and, above all, the pleasure of really looking. Hockney believed in this pleasure more than anyone. As we drove through the rolling hills he said: “Looking at the world is good for you. The world is very beautiful when you look at it. As the sun set and the music crescendoed, I realised this drive was about being alive, being in the moment and being a tiny human being in this big beautiful world.”


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green latticed window against brick wall

// loving this laura ashley gingham pinafore. it even has pockets!

// really enjoy this USA IRL series by alice tye.

// this article about time-space synaesthesia is fascinating.

// this piece by andrew WK on autumn is a fantastic read.

// do you read one pleasant day? such a lovely blog and i adore her photos. i often feel like she’s taken me to the places in her photographs.

sunday links | 48

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shattered glass reflection

it’s sunday! here are some links for you to check out. by the way, if you have anything awesome you’d like me to share here, or have generally seen anything interesting/funny/strange/thought provoking, do let me know.

// this colourful guide to copenhagen is fantastic, and definitely something i’d follow along with. i *really* want to travel this year and copenhagen is definitely one on the list of places i want to visit.

// have you seen capture by lucy’s backdrops? aren’t they fantastic! i really want the white floorboards one.

// i’m sure you will have seen women who draw by now, but if not you should certainly check it out if you want to help/commission any female identifying illustrators.

// i recently discovered the peanut vendor and i basically want everything.

// absolutely LOVE these photos from juul kraijer. be warned, there are snakes/bugs.