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green bush leaves
// i’m not into tumblr as much as i used to be, but amongst all the stereotypical ones there are some pure gems. when looking for some new ones to follow, i found this list of 90 best tumblr blogs for designers. there goes my day! i’ve found some amazing artists and designers though tumblr over the years.

// thanks to the mighty stumbleupon i uh ..stumbled upon this awesome photo series called ‘processed views’ with landscapes made from food by barbara ciurej & lindsay lochman. such a clever idea! i especially love the fruit loops one.

// i adore this 1940s rose print wrap dress. so, so pretty! on a more modern note, isn’t this surreal botanical print dress cool?

// i may or may not have got terribly distracted by this html5 drawing canvas recently. so simple and fun. which reminds me, have you seen patatap yet? well designed, fun to use and a great way to waste a little time! great for kids and adults alike.

// i’m intrigued by this book, make your own luck by kate moross. i like books that share advice and tips without being preachy, and kates work is wonderfully colourful and graphic, so this is a definite buy from my (ever growing) wishlist.

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// if you’re new to blogging, or want some help with some basic html bits, here’s a html cheat sheet. i would have loved something like this all in one place when i was starting out in the early 2000’s! i’d love to learn a bit more about coding, too.

// if you’re stuck for a bit of beauty, how about some stunning double exposures from various photographers? aren’t they amazing? i particularly love the second one in. double and multiple exposure photos possess some sort of magic, i swear.

// an interview with jennifer hill on design sponge. i enjoyed/nodded when she said this – ‘you have time to make your ideas come to life, you don’t have to do it all at once. take your time, don’t rush through things – enjoy them. be really mindful about the decisions that you make.’ ..i couldn’t agree more!

// i really want this dress. and this one. forever swooning over floral print dresses.

// i’m sure if you’ve been on the internet the any time in the past year or so you will have seen this beaut, but everybody needs to (repeatedly) see some maddie on things, right?

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// i’m a big fan of lorna scobie‘s illustrations so i loved the interview with her in the uk handmade magazine (pages 14 -23) – i love finding out more about my favourite designers and makers. you should read the rest of the magazine too though as there’s some really interesting and informative articles.

// if you do design/photography work or sell online, you’re often on the lookout for some awesome mock-ups, right? look no further. tim easley has created a set of poster design mockups ..and guess what? they’re absolutely free.

// are you an aspiring watercolour artist, or just looking for some tips? yao cheng shares a 5 part watercolour tips column on the alison show blog. from supplies to techniques, you’ll be inspired in no time.

// pretty much my thoughts when it comes to monetising your blog. there is no shame in wanting to earn a little income from your blog, but i admire when people do it seamlessly and with integrity. they work with brands that fit their niche, their style – blog and personal – and ones that they would otherwise use or recommend to friends offline.

also, sophie recently said something on twitter that made me do an out loud ‘YES!’ which was – ‘monetize your talent, not your blog‘ – and whilst in a way that kind of goes against what i previously said, it (to me) goes hand in hand with it in some respects. it can be seen that if you have a talent for something, work on making that your primary income source but if you can work your talents into your blog and make money from that too? good for you! for example, sophie shows outfits that can be worn with the fantastic jewellery she makes. she’s potentially getting sales and the blog is acting as a conduit for her talent.

there’s much more to be said on this matter as a whole, but that’s a whole other blog post.

// a little bit of natural weird awesomeness (and colour inspiration) in the form of dallol – the world’s weirdest volcanic crater. it almost doesn’t look real, does it? nature is amazing.