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Links to inspire, and items of interest. Posted on Sundays.

sunday links // 26

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black and white photo of flowers

// absolutely loving this pretty pink laura ashley bag and goose scarf. they’d look cute together too, right?

// these photos by mervyn o’gorman of his daughter christina are stunning! i still can’t stop looking at them.

// really like the simple, minimal photos on the herriott grace blog.

// ‘some things you must simply let go’. a comic entitled catch and release.

// a lovely bit of tauba auerbach.

sunday links // 25

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black and white photo of buttercups
// absolutely love cats’ guide to japan on her blog, take courage. stunning photos that really spark a sense of wanderlust in me.

// this editorial with atong arjok, mari malek, mari agory, and nykhor paul is beautiful.

// some interesting quotes about creativity on

// i’m pretty obsessed with these colourful fruit and vegetable photos.

// continuing with the colourful images, i love these pieces by christian faur. it would be fantastic to see these in person.

sunday links // 24

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sparse tree with red berries

// i’m just gonna come straight out and say i adore jessica hische. she’s awesome in so many ways. one of them being this post she wrote about inspiration versus imitation. read it now.

// i love love love this talk from anne ditmeyer of pretavoyager about getting paid/not working for exposure at the blogtacular conference last year.

// tips from rachel basinger (aka oh no rachio) on improving your online presence.

// this ‘i have no idea what i’m doing‘ postcard from sarah abbot is excellent.

// these long exposure photographs are fantastic and surreal.