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Links to inspire, and items of interest. Posted on Sundays.

sunday links // 29

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// first thing first, if you are a creative …illustrator, artist, writer, whatever… and especially if you’re one struggling to find direction or clarity, you really need to read this post subtitled the step by step process to finding your creative focus by andy j miller (or listen to the podcast) because, honestly, i think it’s so important, and for some people it could even be life changing. seriously, just leave my blog and go read/listen now.

// if you like colourful things arranged neatly, you’ll enjoy these photos from brittany wright. i’m especially fond of the citrus fruits.

// some fantastic and beautiful botanical fashion collages made by diana of miss moss.

// photographs of empty chinese theme parks and recreational spaces by stefano cerio. a strange mixture of spooky and calm, and i love it.

// this childhood eraser collection is so awesome! even though this isn’t my collection it makes me feel so nostalgic. which is your favourite?

sunday links // 28

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for sunday links today i’ll be sharing links from some blog posts i’ve been reading this week. i want to share more from the blogs (personal ones as opposed to more general ones) i read, as well as my usual links. so, here’s some bits i’ve been perusing and being inspired by:

// a post from last year, but i came across it (again) whilst google searching for something else. emma block illustrated some street style images from london fashion week for betty magazine. oh, i love them and i will always love her work and style.

// 10 ways that blogging helped me as a designer is a fantastic, interesting, insightful and inspiring post from natasha nuttall. i love having insight into why others blog, what it means to them and what they can achieve from having an online space (especially a creatively focussed one).

// talking of insight and creative blogs, i really enjoyed this ‘process’ post from annie pancake. seeing how different illustrators and artists approach their craft is really fascinating to me. don’t even get me started on watching tuesday bassens’ inking process videos on instagram. hypnotising!

// just look at these book covers by holly exley! something about her paintings makes me feel super calm, but i don’t know why. also they often make me hungry, but that’s because she paints a lot of food!

// again, talking of food, just look at these joel penkman painting on the jealous creator. i’ve loved her work for a long time because, well, look at it! so perfect and so delicious. i can imagine her paintings look even more delicious in real life too.