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Links to inspire, and items of interest. Posted on Sundays.

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bush with red berries

· the lovely chloe and abigail at buttercrumble are now offering beaut illustrated silk scarves in their shop (currently just for pre-order).

· if you’re an artist or illustrator looking to offer custom personalised tshirts* (or just a person looking for some custom things for an event, say) printsome* offers those and other items like shirts, aprons, tote bags and more.

· the haykin shop is closing – noooo! but until that happens (april 27th infact), there’s 50% off.

· there’s currently 20% off and free worldwide shipping at society6. if you have your eye on anything of mine, you can shop here.

· recently kindly helped me with a blog issue, and they were quick with excellent communication throughout. i wanted to give them a shout out here for any bloggers out there looking for help with basic or advanced wordpress issues.

disclosure: this post contains collaborative links, marked with an * – as always, all words and opinions my own.

sunday links | 53

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pink leaf at roath park

· this alex norris comic is so true.

· as a person that is pretty much always ill in some form, this ‘still ill’ pin from darling distraction is a must have.

· love this post showing people making globes by hand. fascinating!

· fantastic post on engaging with brands on instagram.

· talking of instagram, this post is a must read for colour lovers looking for the best colour related hashtags!

sunday links | 52

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turquoise blue container

· looking to make your own soap? this marbled soap DIY looks great.

· these carrot fries look/sound gooooood. i do love carrots.

· i love when shops let you search by colour. especially when that is hilary grants‘ shop, and the colour is yellow.

· lovely illustrations (by erica sharp) in this article about the best glasses for your face shape.

· illustrations of the people who want you to work for free.