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snapshots of my week – 21st june

let’s just not talk about this week, shall we? instead here’s a rose that had dried up and fell from the rose bush near me that i am kind of obsessed with (see instagram). here’s to the little things that make life a tiny…

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snapshots of my week – 14th june

the less said about the majority of this week, the better. saying that, i’ve managed to get a fair bit done, tidy, make some collages and patterns and take photos. so, not all bad :) i bought a little mini collage kit from antony…

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snapshots of my week – 7th june

wow, this week has flown by! i’ve been so busy with various things that i’ve barely taken any photos. do you ever feel like you’ve not actually done much, but think back on the week and realise you’ve actually done loads? i think it’s…