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snapshots of my week – 23rd august

well. i thought i didn’t do much last week, but this week was even less eventful. no, i was not being lazy! i came down with a stomach bug and was ill almost all week. feeling (mostly) better now! what made me feel even…


snapshots of my week – 16th august

honestly? honestly? i’ve not done much this week. well, not anything to talk about. i’ve been making collages and coming up with ideas ..which you’ll see soon. i’ve had a ruthless sorting of my clothes and bits around the house and given items i…

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snapshots of my week – 9th august

it’s weird, although i’ve done a variety of things this week, i can’t really remember any specific moments. it seems to have all blended together. do you get that too? anyway. autumn seems to be slowly creeping in! i know it’s only really the…