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Photos and video that I take during the week depicting random or important events, as well as things that catch my eye – compiled together every Friday.

snapshots of my week – 13th september

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this week i’ve finally gotten back into the swing of being creative and thinking about my business, what i want to do and where i want it to go. the past couple weeks i’ve been feeling really down and doubting everything, but i’m pushing that aside to be positive, productive and creative!
some more stuff is up in my shop, and lots more to come in the near future. i have lots of plans, notes scattered everywhere with ideas and things i want to achieve. if i could get even half of them done by the end of the year i will be so proud of myself!

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snapshots of my week – 6th september

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this week i have been feeling a mixture of very down and uninspired, as well as ill. perhaps they connect? maybe, but i’m feeling better now and in a more creative frame of mind, so all is good.

honestly, this week the only pictures i took (other than some succulent related ones on instagram) are of my prints and cards for my etsy shop, so i thought i’d show you a selection of those. it’d make me so happy if you would make a purchase! so much so that the next few orders will get a couple of free gifts as thanks.

ALSO, don’t forget my print giveaway ends in a few hours! have you entered yet?

print of watercolour painting of smiling fruit - kiwi, pineapple and banana

print of watercolour painting of cake, chocolate eclair and chocolate chip cookie with sprinkles

3 things

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there’s three things i forgot to include in my usual snapshots of my week  posts, and they’re three of the things i liked best about the week! how silly of me. these days with digital cameras it’s easy to forget about certain photos because you can take so many in such a small amount of time that they just get a bit buried, even if you don’t actually forget about them.
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snapshots of my week – 23rd august

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this is the most ‘laid back’ week i’ve had for a while. it wasn’t hectic, and i haven’t been feeling super depressed. but not happy either, haha. just been doing little bits and bobs really. tidying/sorting, making some new collages, taking photos and doing some crafty things. you know the sort of thing.
also, don’t forget i’m selling some dresses (some more things will be up next week) and also that you can pre-order prints from my shop! the next two preorders get a special gift, too. i’ll have actual prints available very soon, and when i do i’ll probably give one away! 
gold tooth necklace from tigerlilly quinn

i received this awesome tooth necklace from tigerlilly quinn! i love tooth related things and things that a little/lot different or unique, so i adore this!

super simple diy - paint a rock gold - that's it!

i’ve had this rock ages. just your standard raggedy rock that i knew one day i’d think of something cool to do with. then a couple days it hit me! i painted it gold and now it looks awesome. it also kind of looks like pyrite! i definitely want to do this to a few more bigger ones too.

shell and starfish on yellow

got these two super cheap from a charity shop. it seems weird paying for something i could just pick up from a beach myself, but it’d cost a lot more to get a bus to one that it did for these (5p each). poor starfish has part of a leg missing, but i’ve wanted for such a long time that i kind of had to buy.

top of tree

what is this tree?

went for a walk yesterday and saw these trees. does anybody know what the bottom one is? it looks like a normal tree but also has these kinda ..fluffy? other bits. might just be another plant though. love the colour of the leaves. a lovely deep marroon-y red.