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Photos and video that I take during the week depicting random or important events, as well as things that catch my eye – compiled together every Friday.

snapshots of my week – 9th august

snapshots, photography by

this has been another busy week of painting and pattern making and that is absolutely fine with me! i also have a few potential bits of good news to share, but can’t actually do so until things have been finalised. such a tease! still, potential good news is better than actual bad news, isn’t it.

i realised at the beginning of the week there was a good few points amassing on the mr t. clubcard so i decided to treat myself. it probably would’ve been best to save more, but as i have pretty much no money and very rarely buy things for myself, i thought i deserved a ‘no spend’ treat at least! i bought these two books. i do love books. if you have any art/illustration books to recommend, i’d love to know!

v&a pattern book - 50's

lucienne day patterns

i’ve wanted this book for quite a while actually. i wish it was bigger, but it’s still a decent size. i love this double page with some lucienne day patterns!

sara midda book

sara midda book - house numbers

i only actually discovered this book/artist whilst i was browsing. it’s nice to discover new (to you) artists! i absolutely love the watercolour stripes on the cover. to be honest, it’s what caught my attention. i know people say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but sometimes you have to trust your instincts! so glad i did. this is a lovely little book.

watercolour palette

watercolour paintings of ice creams and ice lollies

talking of watercolours, i’ve been painting lots of ice creams this week for some ice cream patterns! do you have any favourites? i think i’m going to do sweets and various confections next.

stone and leaf from battersea park

on saturday i went to london with my sister to see our dad. i forgot to take pictures but when we went for a walk in battersea park (he lives just around the corner from it) i picked these up. i still have a dried leaf from many years ago when he lived in putney, it’s such a lovely golden brown colour.

and here is a little bit of lavender i found. love finding bits of plant like this on the ground, i can rescue them and create a mini garden. always nice to have nature in the home, no matter how small!

snapshots of my week – 2nd august

snapshots by

wow, how is it august already? this year has flown by so far. of course there’s been some rubbish days/weeks that have gone slowly, feeling like they’ll never pass, but for the most part ..where has it gone? i feel like i’ve gotten some good things done so far this year, and it looks like some (potential) good things are in my future! so the good things, no matter how big or small have outweighed the bad.

how has your year been so far? have you done anything you’ve been proud of?

snapshots of my week   2nd august

talking of time, i bought a clock. just a cheap little charity shop one. i realised i don’t have a watch and we don’t have any clocks in the house, and it’s nice to have an actual clock instead of looking at my phone or computer. when i have some money spare i’d love to find a nice watch that i’d actually want to wear. preferably white or pastel with a small strap. if you have any suggestions, let me know!

snapshots of my week   2nd august

i found a baby succulent in one of the charity shops near me (incidentally, i think it’s one of the best in cardiff. ‘catwel’ on whitchurch road, next to panama..which, also on a side note they do super tasty indian food) for 50p so i couldn’t resist. also, i made my first shrink plastic thing! it’s a beetle. it kind of bubbled a bit so i can’t do much with it, but i thought it looked cute in the pot.

snapshots of my week   2nd august

i made doughnut stickers! you can buy them in my etsy shop. i’ll also be making others this week. fruit, and other foodstuffs.

snapshots of my week   2nd august

as well as making stickers, i made more patterns this week, some with doughnuts, and some with other things such as tea and scones. mmm! expect more soon.

snapshots of my week   2nd august

my copy of uppercase came! there’ll be a post on monday about it, as i’m in it.

snapshots of my week – 26th july

my work, snapshots, illustration, collage by

this has been a busy week, which i am really glad of. i’ve been feeling really down lately, and keeping myself busy is one of the best ways to deal with it. i like that if i just do something, especially something i love, i can even forget for a little while how i’ve been feeling.

mostly this week i’ve been painting and making patterns. last week it was fruity patterns, this time, a series i’m calling ‘sweet things’. the first pattern features chocolate eclairs, cakes, and icing and sprinkle covered chocolate chip cookies. bit of a mouthful, that one. it made me rather hungry whilst painting them it’s only set to get worse whilst i paint more! think doughnuts, ice creams, biscuits, scones and cups of tea.

pattern with chocolate eclairs cake with heart icing and chocolate chip cookie with sprinkles painted with watercolour

you can buy this version and other colourways of the pattern on various products at my society6 shop! there’s free shipping until sunday, so get on it!

sponge cake with buttercream icing and lemon and lime marmalade filling

talking of sweet things, i made an actual cake too! the icing was super messy, but it was all gobbled up in no time, so nobody got the chance to see it for long! if you’re interested, it was a plain sponge, with lemon and lime marmalade sandwiched in the middle, and buttercream icing. it was SO GOOD.

handmade collage with hand reaching up to multicoloured semicircles

handmade collage with black and white vintage woman with a circle of pink red and white flowers by her head

i also made two collages, more than i’ve done in a while. it’s been really nice being creative this week. i hope it continues! now i’m off to paint more sweet things. yum.
ps. have you entered the trash things giveaway yet? not long left! 
pps. would you like to sponsor this blog in august? get in touch before it’s too late.

snapshots of my week – 19th july

snapshots, illustration by

it has been hot this week. very hot. it’s nice to have an actual summer for the first time in years, but this is too much for me! i’m definitely the sort of person that way prefers the cooler weather. i like the sun, i just don’t like the heat.

but something good of it has come of it on my part in that it’s inspired me to make some fruity summer patterns! i painted the basic elements with watercolours, scanned them in and cleaned them up a bit, then arranged them into some (hopefully) pleasing arrangements. here’s one of the bits i painted, a watermelon slice! if you have a favourite fruit, let me know and i’ll maybe include it in another pattern.

watercolour painting of a slice of watermelontwo badges with handmade collages, blue tit and letter v with flowers

supplies for making a notebook laid out, stapler, stanley knife, bulldog clip, ruler and paper

also this week i have been participating in a swap with the lovely viktorija semjonova. above are the badges i made her (still a bit unfinished here), as well as the beginnings of a notebook.

illustrated badges made from shrink plastic, teapot and succulent plant in planter

she sent me these lovely brooches. i love them! you can buy these and more from her etsy shop.

illustration by esther cox of castle

esther cox cards laid over each other
also my prize from esther cox came. to enter you had to tell her your favourite word. mine is ‘supple’ ..what’s yours? i love this print and it makes me feel so very happy. it may also now be one of my favourite bits of art in the house. she very kindly sent some cards too. you can buy the print and cards in her shop! i think you should. the quality is fantastic and everytime you look at what you’ve bought you’d be as pleased as i am.