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snapshots of my week – 14th november

i know this won’t mean much to most people as it’s SO obvious, but since i’ve started being a bit more organised (just generally, and even then, not totally) i feel so much less stressed about little things that were worrying me before. it…

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snapshots of my week – 7th november

i’ve been whizzing through my to do list this week, woohoo! some things i’ve been meaning to do for ages so it’s nice to have that (imaginary) weight off my mind. my list for next week and the coming month is longer though. funny…


snapshots of my week – 31st october

it was my birthday last week, woo! 28 finally. i’ve always felt like 28 was going to be a special year for me, so i hope that turns out to be the case. thought i would show you my presents as there’s just a…