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Photos and video that I take during the week depicting random or important events, as well as things that catch my eye – compiled together every Friday.

snapshots of my week – 15th october

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pink wall with tree shadows

this hasn’t been my week. agonising tooth pain, food poisoning, severe pain and fatigue, an injury and the worst menstrual cramps i’ve ever had. all in all, ouch. and not even the worst week in my year, ha! yet somehow i’ve remained in a good mood and not let it get me down. there are times when i would have let all that sink me, but for some reason not this time. i wish i could have that sort of strength more often, but hey, i’ve learned to take what i can get.
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snapshots of my week – 6th october

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london graphic centre bag design

goody bag items from london graphics centre

i’m sure i had something interesting or of some importance to say, but my mind is like a sieve today so who knows what else i’ve forgotten? it’s hard recalling your week when you can’t even think back to a few hours earlier. whoops. hopefully some sleep will help.

things i do remember:
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snapshots of my week – 22nd september

out & about, snapshots by

danger sign on barbed wire

blue painted wood

this past couple of weeks have definitely been better than many previously. in most ways it’s been pretty ordinary, but that alone is a vast improvement. meeting up with liz was fantastic, we chatted about blogging and work stuff …it’s always good to have someone that gets these things rather than a boyfriend that looks at you like you’re speaking jibberish, ha!
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