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snapshots of my week – 10th june

after a productive start to the week, my concentration seemed to take a total nose-dive. like my brain had just gone off somewhere unknown, and i was left a bit of a husk of myself. it’s not like i’ve done nothing, or had nothing…


snapshots of my week – 1st june

for the sake of my general mental wellbeing, something had to ‘give’ for a bit, and that has been the blog. it’s not like i do it full time, or that my posts are super intensive to write, but something had to slip for…

snapshots photography

snapshots of my week – 13th may

yesterday was such a nice day. so simple and laid back, with tasty home made food, sweet treats, pleasant weather and a nice walk whilst taking some photos. the day before, however? i was a complete anxious mess and at multiple points during the…